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Editorial feature in austin Woman Magazine

“Artist Kara Pendl, who creates exquisite yet entirely functional art-meets-life wares through her Karacotta Ceramics business, may have become captivated by ceramics in a high-school art class decades ago, making what she calls a “soul connection” with the medium, but her inspiration stems from something much greater: the world around her. Having grown up encouraged to explore the woods, adventure in nature and form affinities for organic materials, Pendl has always been driven artistically by Mother Nature, which is evident in each of her gorgeous hand-thrown ceramics pieces.”

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Guest on Small Business War Stories Podcast

“Kara is amazing. Do you want to learn how you can take your art and turn it into a business that makes $100k annually within one year?

Kara has the blueprint! She is also writing a book about it, and we get a bit of a preview.

Kara has a successful ceramics business in Austin, Texas, but this episode is about so much more than that….we cover art, business, manifesting your outcomes, the power of positive thought and intention (backed by consistent action) and more!

Unmissable episode if you are looking to take the leap on your own in 2019 and beyond.”

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Editorial feature on Maggie Gentry’s blog

“While paintings behind glass are gorgeous, I love functional art that can be used in everyday life, and I believe curating the space around you with things you find beautiful, elevates your work, relationships, emotions, etc.. So, my creative process and inspiration often begins with needing a product or tool that would improve my daily experience, whether it be a shallow bowl that’s easier to eat pasta from, or a smudge dish with two cut-out notches for my sage and palo santo.

Once an idea strikes, I jot it down in my sketch pad and will start drawing iterations and noodling on the logistics (what clay body would support this, how big should it be to accommodate the kiln shrinkage, etc).

After that, it’s choosing the aesthetics of color and surface design. For color, I look to mother nature, the best color palettes are found in the wild! For surface design, it again comes back to functionality—where will the mug sit in your hand, what part of the bowl do you naturally want to lift up, etc.”

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Editorial feature in austin tidbits

"As diligent as you are with the sloughing and cleansing, your skin still reads more like a before picture than an after. Since attaining a porcelain appearance is nearly impossible, turn to a collection that does. Austin-based ceramics line Karacotta features the sweetest little pieces you'll be quick to add to your abode and beyond. The creation of self-taught potter Kara Pendl, each design is as functional as it is decorative, ranging from mermaid jewelry dishes rimmed in 22K gold luster to coffee mugs, bud vases and catch-all ocean and desert bowls. We're especially obsessed with the Sotol copitas she made for the Desert Door tasting room in Driftwood." Read the feature...


The Daily Texan Newspaper - May 2018

Women are responsible and ladies look nice in pearls, but broads? Broads make things, and the gals behind Broad Studios make amazing art together.

The idea, like many great things, was born out of necessity. When ceramicists Genna Williams and Kara Pendl found themselves in need of a new studio space, the women decided to look for one to share. But before they could find anything independently, fate intervened.

“I went to CraftHER Market around the time we decided to start looking for a place, and I swear, it was like the seas parted and there was the answer,” Williams said.  READ MORE...


KXAN Studio 512 - Artist Spotlight August 2017

In this segment, I discuss where I find color palettes and inspiration, a little bit of my background leading up to ceramics, why I create with functionality in mind and a little advice for new ceramicists. Enjoy!! 


CBS - We Are Austin

Karacotta Ceramics was chosen to present a ceramics workshop at the 2017 Creatives Meet Business Experience. 

"The Creatives Meet Business Experience (CMBXP) is a new kind of conference. We’ve all attended conferences and events where we sit in the room and diligently take notes (or scroll through our twitter feeds), listening to amazing tales of entrepreneurial or creative woe. After the tales of glory and “how I built this” have worn off and you’re sitting on your couch, do you go back through those notes that you worked so hard to take? Be honest, how much have you put into practice from that type of conference? We hear you, that’s why we’re doing something different. We’re not doing panels. We’re doing three days of programming with hands-on, interactive workshops to help you tackle everything in real-time."


Tribeza Magazine - July 2018

By: Ashley Cheng

Co-Owner, SPUN Ice Cream

Item 3 & 4: Cheese platters
Obtained: Purchased at Karacotta

“I love simple, neutral white platters like these from Karacotta, which create a clean backdrop to let the food shine. With a quick stop at Antonelli’s Cheese Shop around the corner, it’s the perfect combination for last-minute entertaining. I love that these are all hand-thrown from a locally-made claybody called Longhorn White with a 1” lip around the edge to contain your snacks. Plus, I get to support another Austin woman-owned business!”


Rock Your Bliss - Blog Feature

"What rocks your bliss?

Creating and making things! One of my all-time favorite quotes is "To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it." - Kurt Vonnegut- and I believe it so powerfully! It doesn't matter if you show your art to everyone or no one, or if your art is cooking, painting, raising a toddler, running a yoga studio, etc - there are a million ways to express creativity and it need matter just to you. The most important thing is that you recognize you are (as everyone is) a creative cosmic gem-stone and you lean into that on a regular basis."

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